Chrysler Valiant Sedan 1964 (AP5) update

Campmark ARC/MIG Welder

Campmark ARC/MIG Welder

Speco Centreshift installed

Speco Centreshift installed

It has been some while since I last posted something on my Word Press site…so today is that day.

One of my ongoing projects outside of nursing is to restore my 1964 Chrysler Valiant (AP5) sedan so I can have it passed for registration. Over the last 12 to 14 months I have been working on various items on the Valiant and have had success so far in what I have tackled. The list of repairs I have done during that time would relate to…

  • Modifying the electrical fuse box.
  • Replacing the left rear wheel bearing.
    Replaced both front wheel brake cylinders.
    Flushed out Brake Fluid and renewed.
  • New engine oil.
  • Replaced Oil filter and Air Filter.
  • Flushed radiator & replaced Coolant.
  • Replaced heater cable.
  • Replaced rear boot seal.
  • Replaced fuel pump.
  • Replaced spark plugs.
  • Installed new Speco Gear Centreshift.
As you can see there has been quite a few items that have been attended to over the last 12 to 14 months. Just recently I purchased a new Campmark arc/mig welder which is a dual welder as I can use it as a standard arc welder or a mig welder. Initially I was just going to purchase a mig welder as I need to do some minor welding on the Valiant where I installed the speco centreshift unit. However I spotted the Campmark welder on EBay and decided to purchase that one as I would have paid the same price for one elsewhere but with less features and qualities. The welder arrived the other day and is much quieter from a previous arc welder I owned some years back. I have tried the arc welding side of my new welder and it works fine. I have to buy a reel of gasless welding flux core wire before I can try out the mig welding side but have tested out the wire feed mechanism which works fine on the new welder.

My next plan is to do some practice mig welding on thin sheet metal before tackling the Valiant. Once I am confident I will do the minor welding on the Valiant before the end of this year and hope to have the Valiant inspected for registration in early 2016.

Catch up soon,


My Valiant

My Valiant

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