Chrysler Valiant update…

A lot has happened over the last 12 months which I have not posted anything on Word Press. The good news is that last December 2016 I was at long last able to register my Valiant. Since then I have renewed all shock absorbers which has improved the ride given the older ones have been on for years. The next project I am working on is to replace the clutch as it also has been on the car prior to purchasing it off my younger brother back in late 1997.

One of the problems the Valiant has had was losing oil which I assumed was from leaking through worn out engine gaskets. To my surprise a mechanic noticed that the oil sender pressure switch had a small crack in it which when the engine was under pressure was spraying oil every where. As a result I feel some of the oil has come into contact with the clutch system as the clutch has been slipping for sometime. The positive outcome is that the engine oil is not being lost as it once was and dip stick level is retaining the correct level.

I am in the process of waiting for my new clutch kit to arrive which should make an in-vast improvement to how the clutch works once installed.

Valiant Dec 2016

1964 Chrysler Valiant Sedan (AP5)

The other areas I have repaired have been;

  • Replaced front and rear windscreen rubbers
  • Replaced old carpet and underlay
  • Installed rear window demister
  • Modified internal car heating system (still being worked on)


The Valiant drives well…but will be much better when the new clutch is installed.