My first year with ACT Labor


I have now been a member of ACT Labor for just over 12 months as I joined at the end of June (27th 2013) which has been quite an educational experience. I don’t see my future as being anything too brilliant in politics as there are too many well educated and experienced people to do that other than me. One of the things that drove me to become involved with local politics such as ACT Labor was to assist those with more political wit then me to promote positive outcomes to the electorate we serve. Take for example Andrew Leigh (Labor MP) member for Fraser which is my electorate and his qualifications prior to entering federal parliament…

  •  BA(Hons), LLB(Hons)(Syd.), MPA, PhD (Harvard).
  • Fellow, Academy of the Social Sciences of Australia.
  • Lawyer, Minter Ellison, Sydney and London 1995-1997.
  • High Court Associate to Justice Michael Kirby 1997-98.
  • Senior Trade Adviser to Senator the Hon. PFS Cook 1998-2000.
  • Research Fellow, Progressive Policy Institute, Washington DC, 2001.
  • Professor of Economics, Australian National University 2004-10.
  • Principal Adviser, Australian Treasury 2008-09.


As you can see from Andrew’s qualifications and many other Labor serving ministers they are far more knowledgeable than what I ever would be. I don’t mind in the slightest as I was once told by a wise man that there are many parts that make a clock work and the hidden tiny small parts are just as essential as the major components to make the clock function to precision, and I reckon that was good advice.

Some of the things I have enjoyed doing has been participating in various events for ACT Labor and assisting various Labor MPs and Senators within the ACT. I guess I don’t have strong people skills which I don’t mind as we are all different from each other. Just imagine a world full of extroverts…it would be too much which is why the introverts help keep a balance and even keel in society in my view. I have seen many strong minded individuals in a range of social environments failing as they focused on their views too much and were not capable of encouraging those around them for the better good in what they were trying to achieve. Having said that, to some degree I could be seen as an extrovert on social media as I’m always twitting something or posting comments on Facebook or other social networks of interest.

Me with the Kate Lundy Team (2013)

Me with the Kate Lundy Team (2013)

One of the appreciation factors that drew me to join Labor was that I could identify with some of the past and present leaders who came from harsh backgrounds struggling to make ends meet. The concept of driving politics to help vulnerable Australians doing it tough and stand up for them is something that captures my spirit. Currently we have a Liberal Government trying to get a budget through which will hurt the small guy and do minimal damage to those that are extremely wealthy in Australia. It’s from that I am only too happy to help support ACT Labor in the role they have to function in politics.


Peter Stevenson.

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