Pete’s Nursing

When I was young the last thought I had on my mind was to contemplate being a nurse one day. My childhood dreams were far fetched ones considering my education, but I wanted to be a commercial pilot. I used to spend all my childhood holidays when I could watching aircraft take off and land at various airports I lived near. Of course when I became a young adult the chance of flying for a career were way out of my reach in terms of finance. I did however spend some money on flying lessons just before I was 21 back in 1981 and achieved 14 hours of student flight time with an instructor. The cost of flying was expensive as I was paying around $60 (dollars per hour) which was a lot for me back in those days. So flying wasn’t for me although I still do have a passion for it.

Me at 10 years of age

Me at 10 years of age


Doing a pre-flight inspection check at Cessnock Airport. (PA-28 ETI)


Cockpit layout of the Piper PA-28 (VH-ETI)

In terms of becoming a nurse that took a process of events throughout my life to get to that stage. I guess when I was working in hotel/motel maintenance I started looking further a field in what I could do with my life as I felt in-complete and not satisfied in what I was achieving. I started applying for a number of different employment positions while I was working in hotel/motel maintenance and attended some interviews but just missed out in gaining the position. I kept looking around being somewhat dismayed at not getting anywhere and came across an advertisement from an aged care facility in 2002 requiring experienced Assistant in Nursing (AINs) nurses. My Nurse graphic I had no experience so I applied knowing full well that I wouldn’t get the job. Six weeks must have passed and I had forgotten all about the nursing application I sent in till I received a message on my phone machine asking if I would consider ringing up to make a time for an interview. I phoned them up and attended the interview and was approved, and asked when could I start.

That was the start of my nursing life back in April 2002 and since then I have been working in a number of health facilities around the Canberra (ACT) and Queanbeayan (NSW) regions. I also became a nursing student at the University of Canberra studying the Bachelor of Nursing to which I have passed all the theory aspects of the degree except for a final clinical placement I still need to finish off which will be done during 2014 at some stage.

That’s a brief summary of how I ventured into nursing.


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