A life beyond Nursing

I guess to most people it would seem rather amusing to know that someone who has gone to all the effort to achieve a degree in nursing ends up driving buses instead for a living.

It was not an easy decision to make as I tried as hard as I could to gain a nursing graduate position within various hospitals I applied for, but it did not eventuate.

I should point out though that I was offered an aged care new RN graduate program which I ended up declining the position. I have been working in aged care since April 2002 as an Assistant in Nursing at a variety of facilities whilst gaining the Bachelor of Nursing. All through those years I have worked many shifts being short staffed, and with limited resources. I had to ask myself, “is this what I want to do everyday for work”, my inner self said no. It didn’t help too much when politics interfere by slashing funds from aged care, not too mention the concept of removing Registered Nurses from aged care to help save money in the aged care system. It felt like a roller coaster of events which at the end of the day I didn’t want to be a part of.

That being said, I can’t help the nursing health industry if they can’t help me in terms of long-term employment that suits my agenda so I looked at other options available to me.

On a personal level I needed some stability in my own life and nursing at the moment seems all over the shop from looking through various nursing journals.

The positive news is that I have always enjoyed driving or riding various motor cycles throughout my life, and that’s where I have focused my new career on. When I was younger I did some driving practice to upgrade my car license  to a medium rigid licence that would allow me to drive passenger buses or medium sized trucks.

I have never had the opportunity to use my MR Licence until recent as I started exploring various jobs in trucks or buses. Buses won as I noticed one employer seeking Special Needs Transport drivers which I applied for and was accepted. Naturally the rate of pay was much lower than a new RN, but that was not going to deter me from working in this new role.


The experience of driving buses for special needs clients progressed onto better long-term outlooks for my employment needs. I was able to apply for a more permanent position as a bus operator with Action Buses that trained me to advance to gaining a Heavy Rigid Licence (HR) that I have had since May 2017.  I was quite pleased that the amount I am being paid now is to some degree similar to that of a Registered Nurse. As time progresses there will be options to progress into new roles within Action Buses which is a positive outcome from what I have been through in recent years.

All is good,