Complimenting my Patients

I can imagine some health professionals might initially be alarmed at the heading on my topic, but to put you at ease this post will not be breaking patient confidentially. Patient confidentiality is something I take seriously in my nursing and always will.

This last week I started attending my final clinical block placement for nursing and have enjoyed the placement which has been educational. With my current health condition (waiting for a hernia operation) I hope that I can see the placement right through to the end of November this year. I’m confident that I should be able to do this, but won’t know till early November as I need to see my own doctor again.

The placement I am learning in is a GP Practice which is less physical than a full on hospital ward which would be too much for my present hernia condition to cope with. That being said the GP Practice does keep me busy just the same as there are a variety of medical skills that I am learning to do much more proficiently than some of my past clinical placements.

This last week I have given quite a lot of B12 injections (IM) into the deltoid site which the first few were shockers and all over the shop. After the first few I developed my needle holding technic and as a result was able to provide better patient care. I have given injections on previous clinical placements but mainly sub-cut ones such as clexane, heparin and insulin. Of course it’s not just giving the injection, but also understanding what you are giving as with any medication required by a patient’s doctor.  There were other injections I observed being done this week which I will be trying in the weeks to come.

The other clinical procedure I did yesterday was to remove 12 sutures from a chest wound. I have never removed any sutures before so yesterday was a first for me in that regard. Prevention of infection is the key goal in attending to various wounds to which the aseptic approach must be applied which is a skill I am learning as well.

I should point out that my entire nursing clinical placement experience is under the watchful eye of a qualified Registered Nurse which is comforting to have that back-up in the various clinical tasks undertaking.

Next week I hope to have the opportunity of doing my first ECG test at the practice which is more than just placing the leads in the correct locations but also documenting the results and understating the ECG results.

This last week I also observed a doctor doing a small incision to remove some sun cancer under a local anesthetic  (LA) which was interesting to see. The Registered Nurses assist doctors in this procedure in setting up the surgical instruments and treatment room and throughout the surgical procedure. This also requires sterilising all the surgical instruments after surgery which I have been learning about as well.

Of course my learning would never be what it is without the patients being willing to have students practice on them to which I am thankful.  That being said as a patient myself I have let various health students practice on me which only happened as late as yesterday afternoon when attending the dentist. I had a final year dental student under supervision extracting a large tooth which no doubt was educational to her as it was a stubborn removal. I was glad when it was over though, not because of the dental treatment but because I don’t like going to the dentist.

Talk soon,



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