Media report of Homeopathy in Australia

Homeopathy Symbol

Homeopathy Symbol

I was reading through some of the media articles relating to homeopathy this morning suggesting that “Homeopathy it is bunk, study says”, by theguardian

This news then took me to see what the National Health and Medical Research Council (NRMC) website has to say on the topic. From what I can gather the following report shown below is what the news has based their media reports on which consists of 301 pages.

However the above report is under review till it closes on Monday, 26 May 2014, 05:00pm (AEST) by the NRMC for the purpose of having public consultation to ‘ensure that that the relevant evidence has been identified and appropriately considered in the development of the draft Paper’. The ‘NHMRC is also seeking feedback about whether the draft Paper is presented in a manner that can be understood by the Australian community’. The idea is to allow feedback on a number of questions (see extract below)

Q1. Is the draft Information Paper presented and written in a manner that is easy to understand?

Q2. Does the draft Information Paper clearly outline how the evidence was reviewed and interpreted by the Homeopathy Working Committee?

Q3. Is there additional evidence on the effectiveness of homeopathy for the treatment of clinical conditions in humans that needs to be considered? To be considered in public consultation any additional evidence must:

  • be a prospectively designed and controlled study (including randomised controlled trials, pseudo-randomised controlled trials, non-randomised controlled trials or prospective cohort studies) OR a systematic review of prospectively designed and controlled studies;
  • be publicly available in English;
  • include participants with a particular clinical condition;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of homeopathy for the treatment of that clinical condition or the treatment of the clinical side effects of another intervention;
  • include a comparison group (placebo, no homeopathy or other treatment); and
  • report on clinically relevant outcomes.

Having said that a month is not a long time for any significant studies to be done by anyone to oppose the review above unless there have been recent studies to indicate otherwise. On the social scene homeopathy has been a product in retail stores around Australia for many years even dating back to when I was a child. I recall my grandmother buying vitamin C tablets when I was a young teenager in the 1970s and giving me one with my breakfast every morning when holidaying with them. I think with any medication or homeopathy supplement education plays a key role in making the right choices. Often most consumers will buy a product that is prescribed or suggested through advertising to help meet their illness or condition.

Australia does have a professional organisation called Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association (ANPA) which provides a range of information on homeopathy in Australia. They also have a range of qualified Naturopaths who would be better equipped knowledge wise to provide education to the consumer regarding homeopathy Of course the best solution is that your GP (Doctor) should be informed of what homeopathy supplements you are taking as they can interfere with prescribed medications just the same.


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