My Bell’s palsy update

Time fly’s as they say as it has been 12 days since I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. I have attended quite a few medical appointments since including a session of facial physiotherapy. Patient recovery from any type of medical setback does take time, and differs from person to person which is no different when it comes to people dealing with Bell’ palsy. It is important to see your doctor or health professional on how to deal with Bell’s palsy and work off their specific medical plan to enable recovery and take the required medications as well. The medication I was placed on for my Bell’s palsy is Prednisolone which is a “corticosteroid” which is also has other trade names such as Panafcortelone, Predsolone, Solone. The action of prednisolone decreases inflammation, mainly by stabilising leucocyte lysosomal membranes; suppresses immune response; stimulates bone marrow; and influences protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. My particular prednisolone drug therapy was to have a stat dose and then taper off the dosage over a week period. In doing this I had to have regular health checks to monitor my blood pressure (BP) as prednisolone can raise the BP if not managed properly.

Day 12 of my Bell's palsy

Day 12 of my Bell’s palsy

Whilst taking prednisolone it is important to keep doing your facial exercises (physiotherapy) to enable a faster recovery time. I have done my best to work with my doctor and other health professionals and as a result feel much better than I did when first being diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. I can roughly whistle now which was not possible just under two weeks back. My right side eyebrow is still slightly lower than the left but it does move up and down a little which means movement is slowly returning on my right side. Being a guy I decided to grow a Moe to camouflage my slopped lip to improve my body image when being out in public. I guess Bell’s palsy at first was a bit of a shock to my wellbeing as it happened so quickly and took me a little while to feel at ease with my new appearance. The other area of life I need to focus on is losing some weight so last weekend I did an 8km walk around Lake Ginninderra and will have another walk this weekend coming. Tomorrow I will be seeing my doctor again for a review check –up and Thursday attending another session of physiotherapy for my facial exercises.

At this stage it the recovery phase is progressing smoothly and okay.

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