Nursing Revision – update Sept 2014

Some of my nursing kit

Some of my nursing kit

It’s been a while since I last posted something on my Word Press site so today is your lucky day 🙂

Towards the start of this year I mentioned that this year would be a fix it year for me. There were three items I needed to work on that required attention.

First was repairing my 1964 Chrysler Valiant sedan, secondly having my hernia operation, and thirdly looking at my nursing options study wise.

So far things are progressing along quite well except that being on the public waiting list for surgery can be quite unpredictable in terms of knowing the actual date. This makes it hard to plan your future around, but that’s the lifestyle of being dependant of the public waiting system for health needs. During March this year I asked my surgeon roughly of when  could expect to have my hernia operation and was told it would be late August to early September. However in the last month I found out that it could be in late December or early next year now. To be honest I have no idea, so when it happens it happens.

In terms of my Valiant I have fairly well repaired it except for some minor welding and rust repairs along with needing two new rear tyres. Last week I kicked over the engine and it is running quite well. I’m glad I have some mechanical knowledge as I have been able to tackle quite a few repairs myself which saved some dollars and knowing that it has been repaired correctly.

With regards to my nursing I have been doing some revision on pharmacology during this second semester as a guest student at uni. There is a possibility that I may be able to complete my final clinical block placement in community health, or a GP practice which wouldn’t be as physically demanding as a high paced hospital ward. Anyway that is something still in the planning stages at the moment.

Before I head off I would like to say that recently I purchased myself a Reconciliation Australia gold pin lapel from

I intend to purchase myself a Recognise Australia T-Shirt next to show my support in recognising the Australian Indigenous people fully in the Australian Constitution.
Reconciliation Australia







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I should post more often…

Yamaha TDM900 (2009)

It is not the first time, nor probably the last time where I have said, ‘I should post more’.

It is now April 2019 which is almost 12 months since being in a road accident that nobody else was injured, including myself. Sounds strange I know, but that was my experience. However I did without warning collapse inside my car whilst driving to work early in the morning. I think because it was a cold winters morning with fog and frost around kept most people indoors compared to the warmer climates. Unfortunately my 1964 Chrysler Valiant (AP5) sedan was written off as I was driving that at the time. I was taken via Ambulance to the ED and eventually was fitted with a pacemaker after undergoing quite a few tests. I have a history of cardiac health issues, so having the pacemaker inserted was on advice from my cardiologist.

One of the restrictions of having a pacemaker is that you can’t use a welder nor any heavy electrical tools as they can interfere with the pacemaker circuitry. That being the case my years of restoring cars has ended, so from now it is doing things differently.

Later on I will purchase a ute of some sort which would be handy for my needs. Until then I have decided to ride two wheels for a change which I enjoy just as much. Initially I was looking for a motorcycle around the 750cc range until I spotted a Yamaha TDM900 twin (2009) for under ($5000 Aus Dollars) at a motorcycle dealer shop. I checked the bike over and test rode it and felt it was value for money for its age. The previous owner had kept it in good condition as it looked almost brand new on the floor. I added the Givi top box, and panniers after buying the bike. I also have installed HotGrips by Oxford that heat up the handle grips during cold weather. One of the items I am working on at present is fitting led tail, stop, indicator lights to my Givi top box. This will provide better visibility on the road for safety.

Talk soon 🙂

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