Reflecting on the halfway point of my final nursing clinical placement

Some of my nursing kit

Some of my nursing kit

The month of October seems to have passed quickly for me whilst attending my final clinical placement which I am at the halfway point. Officially the last final clinical placement day is on Friday 28 November which will be a nice feeling of accomplishment when it arrives. The only possible interruption would be if I get informed by the hospital that they have a spot for me to go in and have my hernia operation which I have been waiting for prior to commencing my clinical placement. The place where I am doing my placement has been one of the best I have attended as I have learnt so much, and practiced so much, that it has boosted myself confidence to what I was before I started. One of my weaknesses prior to commencing my placement was in administering injections as not a lot of my previous placements provided that opportunity except for the odd subcut clexane, heparin, or insulin injections. I still have heaps to learn but I feel more confident now in giving intramuscular (IM) injections to the variety of patients I have cared for over the month of October. Other areas of practice have been learning how to sterilize clinical instruments, setting up for minor surgical operations, removing sutures from wounds, dressing wounds and wound care management, doing spirometry testing, ECG testing, INR testing, BGLs, ear syringing, and documenting everything on the clinical computer systems. I guess more importantly is being able to provide efficient patient care and knowing that your interventions have been able to promote better health outcomes as much as possible to their specific condition.

I’m glad I spent some years nursing as an Assistant in Nursing as it has helped me to use those skills in managing some of the patients I have cared for. Sometimes elderly people forget things like I do myself at times as we are all human. Being able to provide education to your patients is an important part of nursing no matter how trivial it maybe. Suggesting simple things like rubbing some sorbolene moisturiser cream on the areas surrounding a ulcer wound would help maintain the skin condition rather than it becoming dry and peeling away. It’s one thing to dress a wound but we also need to look after the other areas of the body just the same to promote healthy outcomes. It’s like rust on a body panel of a car meaning if you just tackle the rust spot but don’t maintain the other surrounding areas of the car eventually the rust will slowly work its way to other areas causing more problems.

I reckon some Australian blokes would probably say bugger that I ain’t putting moisturiser cream on my body…only females do that. Yet if you likened moisturiser cream to a car polish that rejuvenates the paint condition of a car they would probably see it as an acceptable method of looking after their own skin as sheet metal basically is the skin of the car so to speak.


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