Reflection…Week 7 of an 8 Week placement

I can’t recall how many patients I have care for over the last seven weeks of my placement but it’s nice practising at. Quite a few patients have commented on my intramuscular injections to the deltoid site saying they never felt any pain and others have said hi to me from various health interventions I have when patients remember who you are when they return for various health needs at the GP clinic I am assisted them in. One elderly gent said hello Peter when I was busy in the nursing treatment room today which I said hi back. It dawned on me later that I had been in the procedure room when he was having a minor op that I assisted the doctor with while he was there.

All the doctors and nursing staff including the receptionists have all been accepting of me and another nursing student over the last seven weeks which has been a great asset in our learning and development for our future roles as Registered Nurses. I have one more week left of my clinical placement which will be the completion of my nursing degree which has been a long journey in my situation having commenced my nursing studies part-time back in 2005. There were a few health issues along the way though that I had to deal with so at least I appreciate the patients concerns when I care for them.

I’m not sure if I would be an acceptable nursing graduate for the Canberra Hospitals as I think they cater for trendy younger nurses which I don’t fit that mould. That being said I will explore my options in terms of looking for a mid-year placement during 2015 after I have my hernia operation that I have been waiting for.

If I was younger and fitter I wouldn’t mind doing some military nursing but that won’t happen with my current health issues which I don’t mind at all.  I am sure something will happen when the time is right and I will make the best of it when it does. In the mean time I have lots to learn and keep myself occupied with my new qualification as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the very near future.

Later on as I become more confident and skilled as a RN I wouldn’t mind doing some volunteer nursing during my annual leave with Mercy Ships in helping those less fortunate in whatever capacity that is.  Other areas would be to see Aged Care in Australia and Indigenous Health being better managed and supported as this is an important area to get right for so many reasons.  So there is much to look forward to both in a practical role and research role in nursing during my lifetime and I hope I can help make other people’s lives positive with healthy outcomes.


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