Suture scissors – removal of sutures

I should point out that I am fairly new in the clinical aspects of removing sutures as five weeks ago I never even tried such a task. The other day when I was removing some sutures I was using a pair almost identical to the photo below (fig a).  My only problem was with the pair that I was using was that the suture would glide off the scissor blade when trying to snip the suture. Eventually I was able to cut the suture by getting the scissor blade further into the suture loop with some gentle movement.

Suture scissors (a)

Suture scissors (a)






While I was doing some reflection on that suture removal I thought they should design some suture scissors that had a little indent in the blade to make better contact with the suture similar to some of the plier wire cutters I have used on maintenance jobs in the past.

Hook Point Suture Scissors (b)

Hook Point Suture Scissors (b)

I was delighted after doing a Google search on suture scissors to find they have an arrangement of various types just like you would find at Bunnings Warehouse in regards to pliers for cutting wire.

Now that I know this I will explore the suture styled scissors at my clinical placement to see if they have the “Hook Point” types for when I try my next suture removal. If not I will see if they could order a few in to have in their collection as I think they would be more ideal for some catgut types of sutures being used.


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