My winter update 2014

Australia is now in its first month of winter being June and to be truthful it has been a mild one thus far. At this stage there hasn’t been too much snow falling in the Australian alpine regions either as most Canberrans feel the effects of the snow when it does fall dropping our temperatures to around -5degC on some mornings. Today at the Canberra Airport the temperature has been recorded as being -1.6 to 9.9 degC .

When comparing the temperatures at the Canberra Airport in June to July 2013 it indicates that there is some similar temperature recordings which means Canberra might experience colder days of -5degC or lower towards the end of July this year.

At least the warmer winter period has allowed me to do some repairs on my Valiant as I just recently repaired all the brakes. I replaced the brake fluid and also the front brake wheel cylinders which has improved the braking performance on the Valiant. One of the problems I had with the Valiant was that the car was pulling to the left when applying the brakes so replacing both brake wheel cylinders and adjusting the brake shoes has rectified the problem. I test drove the Valiant after repairing the brakes and it now has equal braking power on both front wheels which feels much better.

Old left side front brake wheel cylinder

Old left side front brake wheel cylinder

My next little repair job is to replace the key ignition switch which is on order and should arrive in the next week. The only outstanding work to be done on the Valiant now is some minor rust repairs and to weld a cover around the speco center shift I installed sometime back.

Health wise I am still waiting to have my hernia op done but in the mean time I will be having another cardioversion on my heart to reset my heart back to sinus rhythm again which will happen in July next month. I only just found out this myself yesterday when attending my annual cardiologist appointment which means a day in hospital being a day procedure. I don’t tell the medical staff doing my ECG’s that I have some nursing knowledge up my sleeve but I do note that not all palpate to where the ecg leads go as they just stick them to where they go from experience I guess. I always think palpating is the correct procedure regardless of how well one knows their clinical skills as it allows you to detect anything abnormal which may not be evident to the human eye. I recall another time when I was admitted to hospital for my last heart op in 2008 that the doctor inserting my cannula had no protective gear on at all which would be a failure for a nurse practicing that same procedure. I think there should be a uniformed set of rules and protocols for all clinicians to ensure safe practice in all medical professions. Below is an educational YouTube clip on ECG which is worth viewing if you need a revision on the topic.

Talk again soon…


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