Acer Verition 5800 Computer

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Acer Veriton 5800 computer

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In recent times my MSI 6300 notebook that I brought new in 2010 has been playing up. I think I have reloaded Windows 7 onto my MSI notebook numerous times in the last few months as it would function for about two weeks and then go into a pc coma which would mean reloading windows again. It gets quite tedious having to do that all the time so I have “gone back to the future” so to speak and have activated my old Acer Veriton 5800 computer which was built and used around the 2005 era from what I can gather. I have slightly modified the Acer pc as it has 1Gb of ram, two hard drives (40Gb) + (80Gb) = 120Gb total. It runs currently is running Windows Vista and sounds like a hairdryer when working due to the cooling fans operating within the machine.

Eventually I will purchase myself something more modern but for my present budget the old Acer will have to do. In contrast a few nights back I logged onto a fairly new pc at the University of Canberra library which from a cold start took around 10 minutes to load up compared to the 3-4 minutes my old Acer takes to kick in.

The evidence is that this post has been written and posted from my old Acer pc which it has worked okay.

Pete 🙂

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